CK Green Inc                  
Endevor Solutions for Change Management


  • June 2012 ~ present   US Army DOD 

    Providing Endevor consulting and Administrative services
  • February 2012 ~ June 2012   Zion’s Bancorp  Salt Lake City Utah

    Continuing post-conversion Endevor support for the mainframe. Writing new DB/2 bind routing procedures in the sweeper job and automated online new copy  for the three new LPARS. Modifying all the Move and Delete processors to provide a second Production copy of all loadlibs for testing purposes and activating the canned e-mail alerts. Also additional  admin training for their intern. 

  • July 2011 ~ October 2011   Zions Bancorp Salt Lake City Utah

    Performed post-conversion Endevor support for the mainframe. Wrote two DB/2 generate processors and a new processor for Shadow, a HTML tool on the mainframe. Converted the MICR process to Endevor with a new type and processor. Conducted admin training and incorporated a home grown scrub process into Endevor for JCL/PROCS.
  • February 2010 ~ June 2011 Pariter Solutions LLC Minneapolis Minnesota

    Performed a Work Flow Analysis to determine proper configuration and design. Expanded
    the Endevor platform to support a live environment and several Bank of America and
    Wells Fargo testing environments.

  • September ~ October 2009 Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) Louisville Kentucky

    Designed and coded a new Cobol exit 7 routine to dynamically add a high risk approver
    group if a package contains certain elements. Performed a Work Flow Analysis to determine proper configuration and design. Added more information to the text of the standard Assembler
    e-mail request for approver notification.
  • August ~ September 2009 Wells Fargo Education Systems Sioux Falls South Dakota

    Completed a migration from Changeman to Endevor mainframe platform using the CA Fast
    Implementation Tool Kit onto CA Endevor R12 SP(3). Configured the Endevor platform and converted all data files, activated e-mail notification, conducted user training and knowledge
    transfer to Wells Fargo staff.
  • October 2008 ~ September 2009 JP Morgan / American Century Investments Kansas City

    Performed a migration of an Endevor mainframe platform from ACI Kansas City to JP Morgan’s GTI mainframe in New Jersey. Separated source from source and added code to processors to maintain separation.

  • January 2007 ~ July 2008   American Family Insurance Madison Wisconsin

    Successfully completed the conversion from a customer built CTP process using CA/Librarian called AFOMS (American Family Operating Management System) to Release 7 service pack (4).

    Three large conversions and eight smaller ones were completed over the course of the 19 months. This was a venture started in 1998 when Endevor was first installed.

    Enhancements were also completed that mirrored features from AFOMS as well as new enhancements for auditing and ease of use such as:

         a.) A COBOL e-mail notification exit routine was designed to facilitate all package approval
             processing, auditing requirements and emergency package procedures. Developers
             would get an e-mail when a package was ready to be approved, when it was approved
             and when it was executed (the e-mail telling them that the package was shipped was
             never turned on). Additional auditing e-mails were sent to the change management
             department anytime the Override signout feature was used, an element was moved
             w/SYNC or if the developer executed and shipped an Emergency package that required
             approvals after the fact.

         b.) When generating a new package a COBOL exit routine would bring up custom ISPF
             screens to create a new package ID that adhered to the American Family naming
             convention. Packages would be built for elements that didn’t ship (JCL, copybooks)
             and all other elements with executables that needed to be shipped at set times of the day.

         c.) In conjunction with item B a separate COBOL exit routine would prevent the resetting
             of any package that was in status ‘EXECUTED’ unless authorized and would write out
             shipping records to the appropriate dataset so the scheduled procs that ran throughout the
             day/night would ship the required executables.

  • January 2007   Health Management Systems New York City New York

    During a conversion to Endevor performed all end user (developer) training using the CA/EN140 (end-user) syllabus.

  • September – December 2006 ~ Ameritas Insurance Lincoln Nebraska

    Ameritas was converting from CA/Panapt to CA/Endevor in order to streamline their change to production process. To complete this task a pilot Endevor platform was built so a chosen team could place their code in Endevor and run parallel testing. I designed all the Endevor environments to match Panapt, built the COBOL and Assembler processors, wrote all the JCL and created/sized/initialized all the necessary datasets to support the product.

  • August – September 2006 ~ Fannie Mae Washington D.C.

    During a conversion to Endevor I performed all end user (developer) training. CA issued me
    an instructor ID which authorized me to use the CA/EN140 (end-user) and CA/EN107 (administrator) syllabus.

  • May - December 2005 ~ PEMCO Insurance Seattle Washington

    This company decided to remove their Serena Changeman product and convert to Endevor 7.0 service pack (2). This was an intense and complicated conversion that spanned three LPARS and required that they all run from one Endevor platform. All source, JCL, SAS, SQL etc had to be downloaded from Changeman and loaded to Endevor without disrupting their batch cycle or online regions. In addition a pilot team was chosen to shake out the system and additional teams/domains were regularly implemented throughout the project with no impact to their daily operations.

  • December 2004 ~ Los Angeles Unified School District in California.

    Installed newest version of Endevor to their existing platform. Release and maintenance upgrades were never performed causing the company to fall dangerously behind in their software Releases. The upgrade was from Release 3.7 service pack (4) to Release 4.0 service pack (2). This required reformatting of the package and master file VSAM datasets, running regression testing on their test LPAR and re-applying any custom changes to screens, exit routines and tables.